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 As the holiday season of 1938 came to Chicago, Bob May wasn’t feeling much comfort or joy. A 34-year-old ad writer for Montgomery Ward, May was exhausted and nearly broke. His wife, Evelyn, was bedridden, on the losing end of a two-year battle with cancer. This left Bob to look after their four-year old-daughter, Barbara. One night, Barbara asked her father, “Why isn’t my mommy like everybody else’s mommy?” As he struggled to answer his daughter’s question, Bob remembered the pain of his own childhood. A small, sickly boy, he was constantly picked on and called names. But he wanted to give his daughter hope, and show her that being different was nothing to be ashamed of. More than that, he wanted her to know that he loved her and would always take care of her. So he began to spin a tale about a reindeer with a bright red nose who found a special place on Santa’s team. Barbara loved the story so much that she made her father tell it every night before bedtime. As he did, it grew more elaborate. Because he couldn’t afford to buy his daughter a gift for Christmas, Bob decided to turn the story into a homemade picture book. In early December, Bob’s wife died. Though he was heartbroken, he kept working on the book for his daughter. A few days before Christmas, he reluctantly attended a company party at Montgomery Ward. His co-workers encouraged him to share the story he’d written. After he read it, there was a standing ovation. Everyone wanted copies of their own. I guess you can say “He’ll go down in history.”

Why bring up such a story?  Well, who really knew the story behind RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER?  And, isn’t there a little story here for everyone to learn?

Here is someone down on their luck that took something simple yet meaningful and took the time every night to make it better for someone who was special in his life.  What if everyone took the time, and put the effort into saying “being different is not such a bad thing..”

North Beach Realty Ocean Shores LLC, feels same way. Although not down on our luck or having anyone laughing and call us names, we did want to take something simple and make it something special.  Put the effort and time into a Real Estate Agency and let everyone know that being different is not such a bad thing. I guess you can say, being on Misfit Island is OK.. We would rather not be like a typical large franchise.  Our goal is to take more time and effort with our clients and give them the best experience that they deserve. Naughty or Nice we will be here for them all season long.

Just remember, we have taken North Beach Realty from a small unknown agency to one of the best in the North Beach area..   I guess you can say our goal is to “GO DOWN IN HISTORY”. Come join us this season, or anytime of the year and visit us at North Beach Realty!



Market Statistics


Houses Sold: 29

Vacant Land Sold: 23

New House Listings: 20

New Vacant Land Listings: 20


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September marked the 79th month in a row of year-over-year home price increases. The median existing-home price climbed 4.2 percent to $258,100. This price increase is partly because of a supply decrease; inventory levels—especially levels for affordable homes—continue to hover near record lows. While price gains are beneficial to homeowners looking to sell, they also affect housing affordability for buyers... Read More
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The holiday season is a time for reconnecting with family and making lasting memories, but if you're not careful, the rush of holiday sales and last-minute travel plans can put a serious ding in your budget. Here are a few tips for staying frugal this holiday season: 

Avoid Last-Minute Travel 
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If your home is underpriced, it will sell quickly, but that's not something to brag about if you leave money on the table. If your home is priced too high, it will sit on the market for too long and buyers will lose interest. So what's the right price for your home? The key to correct pricing is through a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). 

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Architectural details in particular give a level of sophistication and perfection that you can't replicate with a simple fix like paint. But there's a catch: they're (usually) expensive. Here's some fun DIY projects to add architectural elements to your home without spending too much: 

Wow-Worthy Wainscoting
This detail is gorgeous in a home. Typical wainscoting consists of white-painted boards with contrasting square or rectangular patterns. The boards run roughly halfway up the wall between the baseboard and horizontal trim and serve as a chair rail along the entire wall. It's beautiful but the traditional version is pricey, especially if you... Read More
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