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I was reading about this guy this month, who is trying to visit every Starbucks in the world.  In 17 years he's not doing too badly, he's made 11,773 and estimates he is around 95% completed with the U.S. He says it's been an incredible journey.

Can you imagine how many stores Starbucks keeps opening! 

What I thought was strange in the article, is that he doesn’t even like Starbucks coffee that much. He prefers getting his caffeine fix from independent coffee shops. 

This made me start thinking…….
So many companies are competing against each other that are larger than themselves. 
It might be the large Corporation down the street or that website that dazzles the client but gives false information. 
It’s tough! These large Corps have the money. And they’re everywhere as a franchise. 
But here’s one thing they can’t compete with: 
Independent coffee shops survive because they are different, 
because they have a charming appeal, because they have a unique service and to their trusted customers, they’re the best. 
Their clients are something special, they’ve built a lasting relationship with their clients. 

And guess what?

That’s what North Beach Realty Ocean Shores strives for! We build relationships with our clients in a way the bigger agencies cannot. 
We want you to experience the true us – the friendly, helpful, genuine team we have created. Afterall, we're going to be neighbors.
Give us a call or better yet, let’s meet face to face over a cup of coffee. We will brew up some listings for you and discuss the cream and sugar of each one. 
I am sure you will enjoy your time and we will show you that perfect Listing for you!

Not even Starbucks can do that. 


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