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This is for my friends, Ron & Henry,

How does it come to this? 

Fear, anguish, and loss of sleep. It's been same routine every year, it’s tax time people!

It all comes down to how you organized for the year, pulling the shoeboxes out of from under the bed, then organize them vaguely into categories; “Utilities”, “Travel”, “Fuel”, “Supplies" ,and “Bank Statements”. And let’s not forget those W2’s! 
Time to get everything in order get into a spreadsheet.

Typically, I drag my feet working on taxes. I remember in good old years I had my wife do our taxes, but somehow I have been assigned the task these last few years.

Now it’s crunch time! Time to get things in order, sitting in the office all by myself trying to get motivated.  I find myself emotionally sobbing quietly while striking across purchases and transfers. With the pen in my mouth, and occasional stare out the office window, watching the rain come down showering the window pane, and it finally came to me!   I’m not alone in this!

I have been working with a great accountant over the last few years; he is going to be there for me and he is going to have my back and make certain I get things correct.  

That’s when my spirits raised and I approached my tax return in robotic state. Rather than feeling crippled and the dread of getting everything aligned.  I cruised through the financial year MONTH BY MONTH, it was less like collecting data and more like reading an old diary.

Where am I going with this and how does it relate to real estate?

Looking for homes in today's market can be difficult and getting prepared for a loan is similar to doing taxes, pulling out bank statements and records for the lenders. It’s easy to lose sleep and have the feeling of anguish. Although it is not routine, buying a home is part of life that people have to expose themselves to, just like doing taxes. 

Just like having an accountant, it is very important having a trustworthy real estate agent. One that can help you find the best lender, one that can take the stress of finding the perfect home, and one that can help you through the difficult process of negotiations and inspections. 

That’s where North Beach Realty Ocean Shores, LLC comes into play!  We have years of experience in negotiations and helping you get through the process. So next time you find yourself in the place of purchasing a beach property give us a call, we will get you the best return on your money.



March Real Estate 


Market Ocean Shores

Houses Sold: 36

Vacant Land Sold: 28

New House Listings: 51

New Vacant Land Listings: 41



April 7 - Ocean Shores Food Bank Event

3rd Annual. This non-profit organization invites you to enjoy an evening to benefit the OS Food Bank. Rockin' the Shores featuring "Raucous". Dinner and auction. Held at the Ocean Shores Convention Center. Tickets can be purchased nearer to the event date.

Arpil 27-29 - Fine Arts, Photography & Electronic Media Show

48th Annual. Artists and photographers from all over the United States enter this show to win prizes and show their unique photos and works of art. Arts using electronics will be showcased as well. Free admission. For more information, visit

April 27-28 - High Rollin' Hot Rods at the Beeach 

9th Annual. Join us for great cars great food great specials and great people. Annual event held at the Quinault Beach Resort & Casino. For more information, please visit .



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